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Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 - Bayfield, Henry Wolsey (1795-1885)
Bayfield, Henry Wolsey (1795-1885)
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Born in Hull, England. Entered the navy, 1806. Had a distinguished career in the navy, and served in Canadian waters, 1814. Subsequently assisted in the survey of the Upper St. Lawrence, and appointed Admiralty surveyor, 1817. During his tenure of office surveyed Lakes Erie, Huron, and Superior with their connecting waters, and almost the whole eastern coast of Canada, including Labrador. Made vice-admiral, 1856, and admiral 1867. Resided for fourteen years in Quebec, when he removed to Charlottetown. Received the thanks of the Parliament of Canada for his services, 1854. Died in Charlottetown.

Tiré de Burpee, Lawrence J., Encyclopedia of Canadian History, Makers of Canada Series, vol 12, 1927.


Recherche parmi 15772 individus impliqués dans les rébellions de 1837-1838.


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