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Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 - Lettre de Anonymous Sir George Arthur, Lieutenant-Gouverneur du Haut Canada (Toronto, 27 mars 1838)
Lettre de Anonymous Sir George Arthur, Lieutenant-Gouverneur du Haut Canada (Toronto, 27 mars 1838)
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The errors of your predecessors, and more particularly Sir Francis Bond Head, have all originated in holding to a certain party in this Province which has been its ruin. I pray that you may be able to discern that Party, and all other Parties, and avoid them, do equal justice to all act upon the broad Principles of impartiality and you will make us a Contented People, and you will heal the sore wounds which have been inflicted upon this unfortunate Colony by Sir F. B. Head, Hagerman, Draper and Co - You will be surrounded by them, and their cunning devices to entrap you, Beware of them, they are unwise, and treacherous professors full of deceit. They are latent enemies of our enlightened ministry who have sent you here. The Chief Justice is at the head of what is called the Family Compact, which is as overbearing as it is wicked. You have unsafe Executive Councillors, Mr. Sullivan who is the first, is a man without character or influence, who has been amongst the Ranks of the worst of Radicals, elevated by Sir Francis Bond Head from the very dregs of Society, who should not have been any other than the trade of a Tallow Chandler, whose father was in a very small way not many years ago. The Comfort, the prosperity of us depends on you, and if you avoid The Shoals of the Family Compact, you will find your situation a happy one - Beware of the Smooth and Silvery tongue of the Chief Justice, Keep your eye on Hagerman, Draper, Robinson's and Boulton's. Pause, and look well before you act on their opinions, for on every case, rest assured they have their own purposes to serve. - The Chief Justice wrote the "address to Sir Francis Bond Head" for the Legislative Council, on hearing of your appointment to this Government, and also the state of the Province, and Hagerman wrote the state of the Province for the House of Assembly. Read these DOCUMENTS. In truth these People plunged the Province into Rebellion, and Sir Francis Bond Head has been a Tool in their hands. I warn you again to beware of them, and remember that you have Mr. Joseph about you Son in Law to this Mr. Hagerman. It is a misfortune which the Province hope and trust you will remove. He is an unfit person for such a situation, all that transpires will be communicated to the Party.

I am in sincerity Your well wisher and Subject.

["The Arthurs Papers. Being the Papers Mainly Confidential, Private, and Demi-Official of Sir George Arthur, K. C. H., Last Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada in the Manuscript Collection of the Toronto Public Libraries", Ed. by Charles R. Sanderson. Toronto Public Libraries and University of Toronto Press, 1943,1947.]


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