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Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 - Leader r閒ormiste: Samuel Lount (1791-1838)
Leader r閒ormiste: Samuel Lount (1791-1838)
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Lount, and blacksmith and farmer, was a member of a Quaker sect called the Children of Peace. The Quaker's were strictly pacifist group of Christians noted for their fair dealings with the First Nations and their strong stand against slavery. The Children of Peace, who were largely gathered into one village north of Toronto called Hope, were strongly concerned with the plight of the poor, which they blamed on the capitalist market economy. Poor harvests and economic depressions had caused widespread privation for many families while wealthy land owners prospered. This concern for the poor led the leader of the sect, David Willson, to make increasingly radical forays into politics. He took his supporters on regular processions through Toronto preaching on both religious and political matters. Many members of the sect, even though avowed pacifists, among them Samuel Lount, joined Mackenzie's armed rebels. The village of Hope itself was located in the riding represented by Mackenzie, and each time he won an election, large crowds of up to a thousand people escorted Mackenzie to the legislature. It is likely that Willson's protest marches and Mackenzie's own experiences provided a model for his intended march on Toronto. In late November, Lount on behalf of Mackenzie approached the Children of Peace to join in yet another political march on the legislative buildings. In the brief skirmish at Montgomery's Tavern, two members of the Children of Peace, James Kavanagh and James Henderson were killed. Lount, refered to as Colonel Lount in legal DOCUMENTS of the time, was captured and arrested. In spite of a personal plea for mercy from Lount's wife to the governor, he was hanged on April 12, 1838.


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